Our philosophy

In a world obsessed with speed and often superficiality, we propose you an alternative.

We picked beauty and quality from the mainstream of tasteless ephemerals, with hungry eyes and a self-trained esthetic taste.
Together, we can help preserving genuine beauty and pass it to the next generations. In this way, we can contribute to developing the taste for quality in our children and grandchildren.

Who we are

Both my husband and I are trained geoscientists; our profession has exposed us to the diversity and wonders of nature. I was for more than 20 years the curator of the Mineralogical Museum of the "Babes-Bolyai" University. There I dealt with minerals, gems and meteorites. 

Many travels around the world added specific and exotic pieces to our collections. “Saving” fine objects from disappearance means for us preserving the heritage, skills and know-how of generations of well-known artists, as well as of anonymous artisans. They are now offered to your attention in our gallery.

You are most welcome!

Dr. Dana Lüttge

You might have had a similar repeating childhood dream: finding a hidden treasure-trove in your attics/basement or in another mysterious place. That is where it all starts, isn’t it?

GegenDenTrend Antiques and Art gallery is home for all those who love timeless beauty. In many years of collecting, we have selected for  you with love and passion charming and stylish objects, books and art.

More than that: our gallery provides a home for collectors and those interested to become one, for discussions and exchanges during tailored events.