Our service for you:

  • art exhibitions
  • nformation for collectors and other interested parties
  • lectures on selected topics for small groups
  • tips on planning antiques treasure search and fossils/minerals expeditions
  • "adventure science" events

Our past art exhibitions:

  • July 2014: Ute Zander (Hamburg)
  • September 2015: "Farbensturm", Holger Hertwig (Bremen)
  • November 2015: "Viel zu erzählen" Rieke Blendermann (Bremen)

  • Mai -Juni 2016: "Colour your life: Frauen und Lebensfreude pur" Paola Della Maggiora (Mallorca) & Katrin Lüttge (Hamburg)

  • May 2017: "AKT!ef" Elisabeth Fritz (Cloppenburg), Nude drawings and designer jewelry

  • October - November 2019: "Princesses and other beauties" Lore Bauer (Bremen)
Advice on antiques, books,
minerals and fossils
  • identification
  • evaluation
  • suggestions for display, assemblage and inner design
  • suggestions for tailored gifts

Let us know your wishes!

...then follow  our announcements on internet and in the media!

Past special events:

  • December 2015: Author's reading Martha Bull , "Bremen-Krimi 3"
  • April 2016: 1st Minerals & Fossils Workshop
  • October 2016: 2nd Minerals & Fossils Workshop
  • February, 2017: Author's reading Martha Bull "Bremen-Krimi 4"
  • November, 2017: Author's reading Martha Bull "Bremen-Krimi" 5
  • December 2019: Author's reading Martha Bull "Bremen-Krimi 6"
  • November 2019: Author's reading Martha Bull "Ein Haus, Ein Brief, Ein Mord"
Target groups and tailored topics
  • experienced collectors and beginners in the field
  • art lovers
  • bibliophiles
  • all those loving fine and beautiful objects

The object/topic of the month:

Each month we would like to introduce an special object/topic from our gallery.

You can be the ones to decide which one/ones.  Make your choice and let us know!